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Kundalini Workshop Series

Teacher: Satya Hargeet (Mary Elizabeth)

From 6:30-8:30pm

Price: $44*

*Qualifies for the workshop bundle discount!


Kundalini yoga is a practice that works with your energetic and physical body in a way no other yoga can transform your human experience. All levels are invited to experience this type of energy.

Explore your 10-body system through these monthly offerings to learn more, experience the growth, and build your energetic and physical bodies using Kriyas, Meditation, and Mantra. In addition, you will be bathed in the sounds of a gong bath ending each session.

Early registrants will receive a gift for your dedication to the practice and to your highest self. Sat Nam!

For more information contact @MeditatingMomma via Instagram

Click on Upcoming Dates to Register:


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