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Gilbert Yoga provides ADA-Compliant Facilities and offers a range of inclusive classes specifically designed for older adults, individuals with physical limitations, and those with disabilities, ensuring everyone can experience the benefits of yoga in a supportive and accessible environment.

Yoga Master

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With Silver&Fit, you can enjoy access to unlimited classes at Gilbert Yoga, absolutely free! Available through participating Medicare plans.

The Active&Fit Direct program is a flexible, low–cost fitness membership available through your employer, health plan, or other participating organization.


More Class Choices:
These classes are slow paced and nourishing; appropriate for the mature, limited or recovering body.
Yoga Nidra
Gentle Restorative
Candlelight Yoga


Chair Yoga

Perfectly paced and designed for a mature body or for anyone with mobility concerns (disabilities, post-operative limitations, etc.) Gentle joint releasing and gentle stretching; may be from a chair, or with assistance of the wall. Deepen your breath, increase your energy and stamina as you stretch and move your body slowly.

Chair Yoga Classes
Tuesdays 10:30am
Thursdays 10:30am
Saturdays 10:00am

Yoga for Spinal Health

Dive deep into poses that nurture your backbone, the pillar of your posture. Whether you're a sloucher or a stand-tall champion, this class has got your back. Feel the gentle stretch, strengthen your core, and let your spine shine. 

With these classes you get...

* A deeper understanding of the physical and mental benefits of yoga, tailored to your comfort level

* An atmosphere of non-judgement, where questions are welcomed and exploration is encouraged

* A foundation in yoga that allows you to confidently explore other classes and styles

* A community connection to like-minded individuals on a similar journey of discovery

Our Beautiful Studio Features Amenities, such as:

  • Wheelchair-Accessible Entrances and Spaces: Our entrances and practice areas are designed to be easily navigable by wheelchair users, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience.

  • Adaptive Yoga Equipment: We offer specialized yoga equipment to cater to the diverse needs of our practitioners, including those with limited mobility or other physical challenges.

  • Accessible Restrooms: Our restrooms are equipped with ADA-compliant features, providing ease of use and comfort for all our guests.

  • Parking and Transportation: Designated handicapped parking spaces are available, located conveniently close to the studio entrance.

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