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Weekly Prenatal Classes

Monday  6pm

Wednesdays  6pm

Perinatal Class

Saturday 10:00am

The (85 hour) Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program at Gilbert Yoga College is led by highly qualified trainers with extensive knowledge and experience in prenatal yoga, ensuring that aspiring instructors receive comprehensive and expert guidance.


Our trainers are dedicated to fostering a nurturing learning environment for both personal and professional growth in this specialized field.

Prenatal yoga

...builds strength and adaptability to move you through pregnancy and into parenthood. Poses, breathwork, and guided meditation are combined with thoughtful discussion, weaving in comfort and coping tools for all birth experiences. Sequences are designed to safely meet the needs of all who attend, offering a prenatal yoga practice that is truly open to all levels. Pregnant people are encouraged to bring their support persons to join them in the class.

Perinatal yoga

...specifically brings together Mamas who are pre-birth (who have passed their 12th week), and Mamas who are six weeks post-birth with or without their babies.

It is a specialized form of yoga designed to support women during the stages of pregnancy and shortly after childbirth, focusing on gentle movements, breathing techniques, and relaxation to enhance maternal comfort and fetal well-being.


Our Prenatal Yoga classes are taught by Registered Prenatal Yoga Teachers, many of whom work in the labor and delivery field. You are in good hands!

Discover the art of mindful birthing at Gilbert Yoga

Childbirth Essentials
(2-week course)
Saturdays 10:30am -1:30pm

Early Parenting Proficiency

(6-week course)
Wednesdays 6-9pm

Open to Everyone, our two-week Childbirth Essentials and six-week Early Parenting Proficiency courses, designed for expectant parents, blend expert-led childbirth education with yoga and meditation  practices. Gain invaluable insights into prenatal care, postpartum recovery, and infant care, all while building a supportive community.


Enroll now and attend in-person or virtually, from the comfort of your home. Each program is enhanced with additional yoga classes for both you and your partner.

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