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Rediscovering YOU - A Soundbath Workshop for Women

June 2

From 2-4pm

Like a hug for the little girl inside of you...Join Tycee Schern for an offering for all women who want to connect with their best selves and to relax. Are you re in need of releasing stress, anxiety, and tension. Join us for a transformative sound experience where you can relax and be guided through a mindful meditation journey while soothing and healing sounds restore the mind and body freely in a safe space. 

Feel at ease from the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, as you are offered a gentle sitting or laying pose. Rest as you give your body the opportunity to let go of the worries in the day and focus on you, to rejuvenate itself from the inside out, to exist aligned. Let your mind flow as you go on adventure to rediscover the light inside of you. As what can come up for you may seem unsure or confusing, you are invited to pull cards at the end of the sound bath to confirm your knowing. Leaving, your connection to the highest and best version of yourself feels effortless. 

Energy Exchange $44

Connect: @existingaligned


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