• stress reduction/improved mood

  • increased mental clarity and focus

  • joint freedom/increased range of motion

  • lengthened and toned muscles

  • balanced Chakra’s (energy centers)

  • weight management

  • improved spinal health

We invite you to experience yoga & realize the many benefits
of a consistent & frequent practice:

  • optimized gland & organ function

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduced chronic pain

  • improved digestion/elimination

  • increased flexibility and strength

  • boosted immune system

  • a greater sense of overall well-being and happiness!

The brick & mortar studio is closed for now,
but we are still offering classes via:
1. yoga videos on our Facebook page that you can participate in live or anytime, and donate any amount per class
2. live-time Zoom classes that you can join in from home for $5-10 donation per class

Please visit our temporary Schedule page for online classes.
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Mantra, Mudra, Movement
New Date TBD: 
The Stargate Experience
Meditation w/ Cindy Parker

We’ve been serving the community and surrounding areas since 2003. We offer a variety of public classes and styles to fit your needs, as well as Yoga Teacher Training.   We have something for all - yoga for age toddler to infinity, sound healing, yoga Nidra, private Yoga, Pranic Healing/Chakra balancing sessions, retreats… plus so much more!  We are more than a yoga studio - we are a community of caring teachers and students, and we welcome you with open arms and open hearts!



~It's my east valley yoga home and spiritual oasis.

A.L. - Gilbert, AZ

~Each class at Gilbert Yoga is an amazing experience.  It doesn't matter which class I take or which instructor leads.   I know the class will do whatever I need, whether it's relaxation or a workout.  I can't say enough great things about Gilbert Yoga. Thank you for all you do!

J.B. - Gilbert, AZ

~Love love love this studio. Best Bhakti yoga in AZ!

J.D.S. - Gilbert, AZ

~This has been one of the best yoga experiences of my life. My husband and I have been taking the prenatal yoga class. Our instructor is amazing and super in tune with the needs of her students. You get exercise, support, and information for having a healthy pregnancy. My husband loves the class and now he has more info on how to support me. This is my first pregnancy and I have to say this class is a MUST for all pregnant momma's out there!

A.A. - Gilbert, AZ

It’s everything yoga should be — inspiring, centering, thoughtful, opening, and as challenging as you need it to be.  I am a New Yorker and have family in Gilbert, and I look forward to coming “home” to Gilbert Yoga when I visit my family.  There is nothing in New York like it.  All of the teachers were kind, knowledgeable,  accepting, encouraging, and helpful; and have a sense of humor.  I wish they’d open a studio in New York!

J.D. – New York NY

  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga

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