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Transform Your Mind and Body
with Personalized Mentorship

  • Mental Training: Sharpen your focus and cultivate a growth mindset.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Navigate your emotions with clarity and understanding.

  • Goal Visualization: Set clear intentions and manifest your aspirations.

  • Stress Reduction: Learn techniques to manage and alleviate daily stressors.

  • Leadership Mindset: Empower yourself to lead with confidence and compassion.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being with our Compass Quiz. Let's navigate the path to your inner peace and growth together, ensuring you find the perfect mentorship package tailored to your particular needs.

Support for Every Step Along Your Path



Introductory Session


Ideal for new clients looking to explore the benefits of our mentorship program. Begin your path to understanding and self-awareness today.



Single Drop-in Session


A single session tailored to address specific areas of interest or concern.Elevate your mental health care experience by delving deeper into your personal journey.



 Power of Commitment


With a 15% discount compared to our drop-in rates, you cannot afford not to seize this opportunity to invest in your own well-being. This package of 4 sessions is thoughtfully designed for those ready to commit to a journey of profound self-discovery and enduring change.

The Quiz

1. Is this your first time considering our services?

A.  Yes, I'm new and curious about the process.

B.   No, I'm familiar with 1:1 Wellness Mentorship or have had sessions before.

2. What motivates you to seek 1:1 Wellness Mentorship?

A.   I'm facing a specific challenge or issue and need guidance.

B    I want to invest in my personal growth and well-being.

C.   I believe in the power of consistency and want to commit to a transformative journey.

3. How do you view the mentorship process?

A.   As a one-time experience to gain insights.

B.   As an occasional support system when I face challenges.

C.   As a consistent journey where I can track my progress and delve deeper into self-exploration.

4. Are you also interested in integrating yoga together with individual guidance?

A.   Yes, I believe in holistic healing and want to combine both.

B.   No, I want to focus solely on 1:1 Wellness Mentorship services for now.

5. How do you feel about committing to multiple sessions?

A.   I'm open to trying it out but want to start with a single session.

B.   I see the value in multiple sessions but want flexibility.

C.   I understand the power of momentum and am ready to commit to a series of sessions for lasting     transformation.


  • Mostly A's: We recommend our INTRODUCTORY SESSION. Experience our services for the first time and gain insights tailored just for you.

  • Mostly B's: Our DIVE DEEPER package is ideal for you. It offers personalized sessions that you can avail of as and when you need, providing you with the flexibility and support to navigate life's challenges.

  • Mostly C's: Dive deep into the transformative journey with our TRANSFORMATION package. This package is a great value! Committing to a series of sessions allows for consistent exploration, progress tracking, profound change AND affordability. Embrace the power of momentum and let these sessions be the cornerstone of your personal growth.

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