The brick & mortar studio is OPEN!
having implemented detailed protocols in accordance with
the State of AZ Guidelines

Please read our
Guidelines before heading to a class.
AND, we still have videos available on our Facebook page by donation - enjoy any time! 

Current Classes & Locations
KEY:  S = studio, Z = zoom, FB = facebook, P = park

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(Please CHECK the schedule the day before your class,
as we find our way back to our regular schedule there may be updates.)


8:30-9:40a       'P'  All Level Yoga                                       Kristen H

9:30-11:00a     'S'+'FB' Gentle Restorative Yoga            Cassandra


4:30-5:40p       'S'  All Level Yoga                                          Connie

6:00-7:10p       'S'  Prenatal Yoga                                    Tina-Marie
6:00-7:10p       'S'  Yin Yoga & Reiki Healing                          Carah

7:30-8:40p       'S'  Candlelight Yoga   (no class 6/1)                Ayla


7:30-8:40a       'S'  All Level Yoga                                               Susy
9:00-10:10a     'P'  All Level Yoga                                       Kristen H
9:00 -10:10a    'S'  Yin Yoga (passive deep stretch)       Tina-Marie
10:30-11:45a   'S'  Chair Yoga / Seniors Yoga                            Kay 
10:30-11:40a   'S'  All Level Yoga                                    Cassandra

12:30-1:30p     'S'  Beginner Yoga                                         Gladys
4:30-5:40p       'S'  Gentle Yoga + Nidra (meditation)              Deb
4:30-5:30p       'S'  Yin Yoga & Sound                  Angela (Dharma)
6:00-7:10p       'S'  All Level Yoga                                               Lisa
7:30-8:40p       'S'  Candlelight Yoga 
-YES class on 6/2 w Cassandra
6:00-9:00p        *200 hr Yoga Teacher Training   *Starts September 12th


 9:00-10:10a     'S'  Beginner Yoga                                      Kristen B

9:00-10:10a     'S'  All Level Yoga                                     Cassandra

10:30-11:40a   'S'  Chakra Yoga (all level)                          Kristen B
10:30-11:30a   'S'+'FB'  Bhakti Yoga / Mantra    Vidu & Cassandra


4:30-5:30p      'S' +'FB'  Beginner Yoga           Cassandra / Angela

6:00-7:10p       'S'  All Level Yoga                                            Taylor

6:00-7:10p       'S'  Mixed Yoga + Nidra                                 Renée

7:30-8:40p       'S'  All Level Yoga (YES class on 6/3)    Amber/Stacey
7:30-8:40p      *Meditation & Conscious Conversation           Susy 
*This is a 6 wk series; watch for start dates soon


6:00-7:10a       'P'  All Level Yoga      (NOTE time shift)            Susy

8:00-9:10a       'S'  All Level Yoga (w/ Crystal Bowls)             Ingrid
9:30-11:00a     'S'  Gentle/Restorative Yoga                   Cassandra

9:30-10:30a     'S'  Beginner Yoga                                Lizzy / Ingrid

4:30-5:40p       'S'  Yin Yoga & Sound                  Angela (Dharma)

6:00-7:10p       'S'  All Level Yoga                         Angela (Dharma)

7:30-8:40p       'S' & 'Z' Prenatal Yoga   (Yes, class 6/4)             Jen

6:00-9:00p       *200 hr Yoga Teacher Training    *Starts September 12th


7:30-8:00a       'FB'+'Z'  Sun Salutations & Meditation  Cassandra

9:00-10:10a      'S'   All Level Yoga                                   Cassandra

10:30-11:30a    'S'   Chair Yoga / Seniors Yoga                          Kay


4:30-5:30p        'Z'   Beginner Yoga                                    Jeanette

6:00-7:00p        'S'   All Level Yoga                                       Heather

6:00-7:00p       'FB'+'Z'  Kids/Family Yoga                                  Jen


7:30-8:40a      'P'  All Level Yoga                                        Kristen H

9:00-10:10a    'S'  Prenatal Yoga                                      Lanita /Jen

9:00-10:10a    'S'  Beginner Yoga                                         Renée
10:30-11:45a  'S'  All Level Yoga                               Lanita /Connie

10:30-11:45a  'S'  Gentle/Restorative Yoga + Nidra                  Kay

12:00-6:00p    *200 hr Yoga Teacher Training     *Starts September 12th
4:30-5:30p      'S'  All Level Yoga                                    Christine H 


7:30-8:40a      'S'  All Level Yoga                                                  Jen

8:15-8:45a      'S'  Japa Meditation (by donation)          Tina-Marie

9:00-10:10a    'S'  All Level Yoga                                      Tina-Marie

10:30-11:40a  'S'  All Level Yoga                                              Taylor

10:30-4:30p     *Yoga Teacher Training                    *Starts September 12th


4:00-5:30p      'S'  Gentle/Restorative + Nidra                     Connie

6:00-7:15p      'S'  Yin Yoga + Nidra                                            Jen

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  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga

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