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(Suggested for kids ages 3 to 8)

The whole family can practice together! Parents and kids will move through kid friendly postures and breathing techniques to calm, to balance, to strengthen and have fun! 

We love the idea of kids experiencing yoga as a ‘normal’ way of life! Everybody needs a way to come back ‘home’ to their center, to re-focus their attention, to strengthen their mind/body connection, and tune back in to their playful and open heart!

Short story: A woman had been dropping off her elementary age girls for kids yoga, and one day, the woman arrived at home to find her child sitting on the trampoline out in the back yard in lotus pose and chanting ‘OM…OM…OM’. In a short time the girl came inside, and the mom asked her how her day was. The girl said, ‘I had a rough day at school, and needed to get centered, and now I feel better.

Expose your child to the many benefits of yoga: exercise, supports discipline, improved concentration, increases flexibility, improved self-esteem/confidence, all while building the mind-body connection. We will have class themes each week, build friendships, practice breathing techniques, and practice mindfulness.

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