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Prenatal yoga builds strength and adaptability to move you through pregnancy and into parenthood. Poses, breathwork, and guided meditation are combined with thoughtful discussion, weaving in comfort and coping tools for all birth experiences. Sequences are designed to safely meet the needs of all who attend, offering a prenatal yoga practice that is truly open to all levels.

Prenatal yoga classes can help ease common aches and pains of pregnancy, while fostering strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Additionally, both modified and prenatal specific postures can help “stack the cards in your favor” for birth by encouraging a balanced pelvis and core.
With a focus on empowering women for labor, birth, and recovery, postures and breathing help by developing strength and a deeper connection of pregnant people to their babies.  Pregnant people are encouraged to bring their support persons to join them in the class (a Buddy Pass can be purchased at a discounted cost.)

Our Prenatal Yoga classes are taught by Registered Prenatal Yoga Teachers, many of whom work in the labor and delivery field. You are in good hands!

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