What students are saying about Gilbert Yoga…

  •  1/15/2013

    I love Gilbert Yoga. The vibe is amazing and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve taken mostly Cassandra’s and Kim’s classes and they have helped me discover my passion for yoga.  I’m an ex football player that’s used to doing weights and competitive sports which I still do but nothing comes close to how fulfilling yoga has become for me.  I’m always reminded its not a competition and to be in the present moment which has not only helped me physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

    They also have many varieties if your a beginner or if you want to sweat and detox in hot yoga or if you want to do a relaxing deep stretch class they have that as well.

    The fact it is based on a donation system tells me its not about the business its about bringing yoga to the community.  That tells you what they are about right there. I donate every time I go though, the teachers just put their heart into every class they do.

    Take a class you won’t regret it!
    M.T. – Gilbert AZ

  •  12/19/2012

    It seems like Yoga has become a “fad” in the last couple of years. A lot of new studios open all the time and they all try to offer something “trendy” to stick out from the pack.

    Gilbert Yoga truly deserves the 5 starts that it constantly gets because its the essence of the legit ‘old school’ yoga. Its incredibly unpretentious, simple and focused on the exercise itself. The teachers are caring and very relaxed, the rooms are nice and kept clean and their schedule is filled with different classes to fit anyone’s crazy agenda. I am a big fan of their 6am M-W-F classes (when I managed to wake up that early) and their 7pm hot yoga class.

    They offer classes for pregnant women and children, as well as different temperature rooms and different yoga types. I am a big fan of their “donation” system- every class has a suggested donation of $12. Whatever donations they collect goes to the teacher giving that class and to pay their rent. They have it as a donation (instead of fixed price) because they believe all people should have access to yoga regardless of their finances. They don’t want people to miss out because they are $12 short.

    If that’s not zen, then I don’t know what is.

    E.G. – Tempe AZ

  •  3/10/2013 

    I am not much of a Yogi but I do love yoga now and then. When I feel the urge to put on my yoga pants and do a few sun salutations I head over to Gilbert Yoga. I have been there for several workshops as well and even my kids have enjoyed the kid’s yoga class. I highly recommend Gilbert Yoga!

    C.R. – Mesa AZ

  •  2/5/2013

    LOVE this place!  I recently did a search for local prenatal yoga classes and found Gilbert Yoga online.  Their excellent Yelp reviews made me even more encouraged to try them out.  I’m so glad I did!  The prenatal class with Lisette is phenomenal. I feel so good afterwards, both inside and out.  It’s not intimidating or overwhelming as some yoga studios might feel.  They welcome everyone, new and experienced and really focus on your overall happiness and the experience.  The classes are donation-based, suggested at $12/class,  so you contribute whatever amount of cash you can afford/feel comfortable with.  What a great concept!  I would HIGHLY highly recommend Gilbert Yoga!

    L.T. – Chandler AZ

  • 1/16/2013

    Gilbert Yoga is one of the best yoga studios I have ever been to.  The staff is amazing and the atmosphere … well you have go to experience it.  Wonderful experience!!

    K.Q. – Chandler AZ

  • 7/14/2008 

    Easily the best yoga studio I have been to and I have been to quite a few.

    Full disclosure, I started going to yoga and studying with Cassandra (now, NIschala) about 8 years ago.  She is one of the main people at Gilbert Yoga.  For me, it is her voice in my head telling to “create an inner spiral”, “tuck my tail bone”, and “take your practice off the mat”.  It was her great guidance and care that got me REALLY into yoga.  It was her enthusiasm that helped me unlock some really great things in my life.  So I am biased, sue me.  If that is not enough of an endorsement, keep reading.

    The teachers at Gilbert Yoga are awesome.  Nischala, Ingrid, Diane, etc.  All wonderful.  They are helpful to beginners and very knowledgeable and encouraging to those moving along the path.

    The space is great.  The vibe is wonderful and I always leave classes with a big buddha smile on my face.  I take as many people as I can to this studio.  I even took my dad and brother.  They were visiting from CA and we went to a Friday morning “power yoga” class.  Oh man!!   Two big buys (my bro and dad are both over 6 foot 3) who love beer and meat and football….doing hand stands on their first try.  Unbelievable!!!  I laughed for like two weeks.  They don’t practice yoga, but they totally “get it”.  They told everyone at our family events how they “went to yoga”.  Dude.  Hilarious.

    So if you are thinking of trying yoga for the first time, or trying to find a studio and that is friendly, fun and challenging, check it out.

    K.K. – Tempe AZ

  •  2/3/2011

    It’s nice to have a yoga studio in Gilbert, really nice. There seems to be an abundance of studios in Phoenix, Tempe, even Chandler but Gilbert definitely lacks in that department.

    I started going to Gilbert Yoga after I took a job that no longer allowed me to go my regular studio in Tempe. I live in Gilbert so at first, Gilbert Yoga was more of a convenience than anything. Honestly, I’ve been thrilled with every teacher taken and specifically Ingrid and Robin. Now, it’s not just convenience, I love everything about the studio.

    I really enjoy taking yoga classes with a mix of people and it makes me happy to see a studio that caters to all levels, all ages, and doesn’t turn anybody off. I’ve seen more 55+ yoga enthusiasts here than any other studio and it puts a huge smile on my face.

    The studio has expanded. I took a class years ago and at that time the studio was only one room. They now have two rooms and a cute little entry way. It must mean they’re doing something right! I love the studio, it’s a breath of fresh air in an otherwise muted suburban landscape.

    J.M. – San Francisco CA

  •  2/12/2011

    I have been practicing yoga for years and have had the opportunity to be in class with some wonderful teachers in a few different cities. I am now “full-time RV-ing” & many times have to practice yoga with a cd or iPhone ap or just put together a practice of my own.  I prefer this type of home practice over a studio or teacher that does not inspire me. But when I am lucky enough to happen on a beautiful space & inspiring teacher I really appreciate it.

    Such a place is Gilbert Yoga! I practiced this morning with Heather who I believe was subbing for someone else & boy was I lucky!!  And because we will be in town for 6 more weeks I purchased a 10 class pass & look forward to returning.

    I have returned twice since the my draft above & had the opportunity to practice with Cassandra, who was also a wonderful teacher – thoughtful, peaceful & full of happiness.

    D.K. – South Lake Tahoe CA

  • 5/7/2012

    Gilbert Yoga captures what yoga really should be. Hands down the best studio I’ve been to in the entire east valley. Nice range of classes to choose from. Caring and unpretentious. A very comfortable place to practice. Knowledgeable instructors.  The cost is lower than most studios, which I believe speaks to their generous philosophy, because nothing at all is sacrificed.

    T.G. – Chandler AZ

  •  4/9/2009

    I just began taking yoga classes with Gilbert Yoga and I am in love. The environment is soothing and relaxing, and my instructor Lisette is amazing and the pricing is just right. Currently I am taking the pre-natal yoga class, but plan on continuing here once my baby is born. By far the best studio I have found in the east valley.

    H.L. – Chandler AZ

  • 2/27/2011

    It’s everything yoga should be — inspiring, centering, thoughtful, opening, and as challenging as you need it to be.  I am a New Yorker and have family in Gilbert, and I look forward to coming “home” to Gilbert Yoga when I visit my family.  There is nothing in New York like it.  All of the teachers were kind, knowledgeable,  accepting, encouraging, and helpful; and have a sense of humor.  I wish they’d open a studio in New York!

    J.D. – New York NY