Hot Yoga

What Is It…and Why?

Hot Yoga is practiced in a heated room — with  temperatures between 95 and 105 degrees.

Practicing yoga in a heated room allows for many benefits, some of which include:

  • warm muscles and connective tissue for a deep and safe stretch
  • increased metabolism
  • increased blood flow to the limbs
  • full body sweat, aiding in detoxification
  • a sense of accomplishment and feeling of a ‘workout’
  • mind-body connection, as in any yoga class

What to expect…

Our Hot Yoga classes are accessible to anyone who is up for the heat*; meaning, that anyone from almost brand-new beginners to advanced students may practice it. Each student is encouraged to rest when needed, listen to their body and maintain a comfortable breath rhythm throughout the class.

*If you have a medical condition such as Diabetes, cardiovascular or respiratory diseases that may be worsened by the heat, please attend a non-hot yoga class and/or ask your doctor if a strenuous yoga class is advised for you.

Expect to sweat profusely. At the beginning of class you may feel hot, but once the body’s natural cooling system (sweating) kicks in, you will feel more comfortable.

Various types of postures are offered in our Hot Yoga classes — from Sun Salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, seated poses, vinyasa poses (flowing from pose to pose) and/or static poses, inversions and arm balances. In other words, expect a variety.

How to prepare…

Be sure to be well hydrated on a daily basis, not just because you plan to attend Hot Yoga that day.

Practicing any style of yoga on a full stomach is discouraged, and especially with Hot Yoga, you will want to come with an empty stomach.

It’s best NOT to drink water during any yoga class. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the body’s systems are being aligned and balanced in the yoga practice, and dousing the system with water will throw that balance off.

What to bring…

We require students to bring their own yoga mat and beach towel to our Hot Yoga classes.
A small washcloth and/or a sweatband for your head may be useful.

Wear minimal clothing, such as tank-tops and shorts rather than t-shirts and long pants. Women – sports bra’s are fine. Men – removing your shirt is fine.

Bring a water bottle (room temperature) to drink on the way home from class, ideally no sooner than 30 minutes after the active portion of class.


Hope to see you soon in a Hot Yoga Class!