- An Evening of Vedic Chant -
Entering an Enchanting Space

with special guest Sheela Shankar

Friday January 25th  7:30-9:00PM
Chanting opens the heart, and makes love flow within us.
- All are welcome! -
Vedic chanting is one of the buried treasures in the Yoga tradition. It is a method of calming and focusing the mind through practiced repetition of ancient wisdom texts known collectively as the Vedas. The beauty of this practice is that anyone who can speak can do this and arguably even those who can’t could do it simply by asking the mind to repeat what it hears or reads. You don’t need an American Idol qualifying voice. You practice by listening to a teacher chant a short line of verse in its original Sanskrit and then repeat to the best of your ability. Vedic chanting is taught in the same context as Yoga,
which has no religious connotations.

Just as every person irrespective of gender, race, age, or faith can practice & benefit from Yoga, all can benefit from chanting:

- The rhythm of the chant has a deeply relaxing effect on the person.
- The need to reproduce the chant immediately on hearing, without reflection or pause, develops spontaneity,
mental agility and focus.
- The Sanskrit language requires the use of the entire palate in the process of chanting and this helps develop clarity of speech.
- The chanting of the passages aloud, some long and some short, some fast and some slow, helps develop respiratory capacity.
- In fact, Vedic chanting has been used with great success as a powerful therapeutic tool, especially for those suffering anxiety, depression, trauma, or for those who simply cannot practice the physical forms of Yoga but wish to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.
- Chanting also acts as an easy gateway to a meditative mind, the end goal of the Yoga practice.

In this evening practice we will integrate Vedic chanting with voice training and singing of more
melodic bhajans to release many bandhas (blocks) within you, which leaves you feeling liberated and transformed.

Brief Bio:
Sheela Shankar is a trained vocalist in the classical tradition of both the South Indian Carnatic and the North Indian Hindustani schools of India. She has undergone the 2-year Teacher Training program of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) and has worked at that institute for a number of years. While at the KYM, she was Sri T.K.V. Desikachar's foremost teacher of Vedic Chanting and has students from around the world who come to learn in this tradition. She conducts a two-year Vedic Chanting
Certificate program out of the UK.

Click to listen to Sheela chanting (Youtube Channel)



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