Join us for a relaxing and
healing sound event!

Please arrive silently as other classes
may be in meditation/savasana.

No pre-registration needed.   

Contact Gretchen with any questions: or 602-570-3375

Saturday January 25th, 7:30-8:45pm

Chinese New Year Sound

Come ride the wave of harmonic sound frequencies and welcome in the year of the Metal Rat! 
The evening will include a short discussion of what's ahead according to the Chinese Zodiac, and a guided meditation followed by the sounds of multiple gongs (honoring Metal!), Tibetan and Crystal bowls, and more!  Enjoy sound vibration infused tangerines and fortune cookies after the meditation.  Blankets and bolsters provided, chairs available if needed. 
$15.00 cash/check at the door.

Here's a bit of what's in store for this year of the Metal Rat.
More to be shared the night of the event:
The rat is the smallest of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and the first
in the Zodiac's 12 year cycle. Because the rat is the first, this year is expected to set the pace and direction for the next 12 years. 
Known to be intelligent, agile and quick thinking, these qualities of the rat will be part of what 2020 brings about.  Progression, and the starting of new projects with great gusto as well as auspiciousness for businesses and entrepreneurs, is part of what is being predicted with the coming in of rat energy.  Also to be seen will be people developing skills that move them toward things they are aligned with to bring their ideas into practice.  

The signs in the Zodiac also rotate with the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  This year is Metal, so it's the year of the Metal Rat.  Metal can cut through wood (based on Chinese 5 element theory) so therefore people will be more detail oriented and much sharper,  make decisions easier and get going on projects rather than procrastinating.  

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