Join us for a relaxing and
healing sound event!

Please arrive silently as other classes may be in meditation/savasana.

No pre-registration needed.


Mercury Transit - 11/11 Sound Celebration

Monday November  11th
6:00PM - 7:10PM
$15 at the door (cash only)

This 11th of November is a super special 11/11! Not only is it 11/11, and an almost a full moon (99% full!), the transit of mercury will be happening! woot!!! Transits happen about 13 times a century, so they aren't exactly common.
The next transit of Mercury will be in 2049. What's the transit of Mercury? It's when Mercury (our innermost planet) passes directly in front of the Sun for a few hours (5 to be exact for this one).
Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system, and the closest to the sun. It takes 88 days to make
one revolution in its orbit - and is the fastest of all the planets.
In Ancient times it was associate with Hermes - the swift messenger of the Gods.
This planet has a special place in Indian Astrology, and is known as Buddha Graha. The planet Mercury is representative of expression, knowledge and communication skills, and is seen as intelligent and wise.

Join Gretchen Bickert for a super yummy meditation with gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls, chimes, etc. as we merge with the auspicious energies of 11/11, the Full Moon, and the transit of magical Mercury!

Blankets and bolsters provided. Chairs are available if needed! $15.00 cash/check at the door.

Contact Gretchen with any questions: or 602-570-3375


Thanksgiving Sound Celebration

 - Thanksgonging & Bowls Full of Sound -

Tuesday November 26th


$15 at the door (cash only)

Join us during this wonderful time of Giving Thanks. Take the time to slow down and meditate on all of your blessings. Happy Thanks LIVING to YOU! All you need to do is let the entire body relax and
let the sound of the gongs and bowls penetrate the body and guide the mind.
Meld with the energies of the New Moon, as you set your intentions for the next lunar cycle.
Bolsters and blankets are available, but please feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable!!
Chairs available upon request.

Contact Gretchen with any questions: or 602-570-3375

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