Restorative Yoga

Benefits the Entire System

~Mind, Body, Spirit~

  • Balanced Chakras (Wheels or Energy Vortexes within) – translates to feeling Great! Blissful! Peaceful! Content! Energetic! Balanced! In any true yoga practice, as we turn our awareness inward we allow the ‘pain body’ to lessen, thereby truly creating Yoga (= to yoke, unite)  the body and mind. When body and mind yoke, we find our Spirit self. In a yogic state we are ease-ful, rather than in a state of dis-ease. The benefits of yoking body and mind are too numerous to list, but here are a few more benefits of Gentle / Restorative Yoga.

  • Balanced Central Nervous System – translates to feeling less Stressed, more Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful and allowing the body a chance to fully heal itself by being in the ‘rest and digest’ mode. This counteracts the stressful lives we have these days…giving us time to ‘unwind’, get in touch with our breath and our True Selves.

  • Gentle Release of Tension in the Connective Tissue – translates to more relaxed and lengthened muscles and an overall feeling of physical ease. When the body relaxes from it’s previously tense state the mind is more clear, focused and calm.

  • Allows Psoas Muscles to Relax – translates to alleviating chronic lower back pain in most cases and often full relief from Sciatica symptoms. Releasing the Psoas also assists one in the process of releasing deeply-held emotions which in turn allows the diaphragm to ‘unlock’ and the jaw muscles to relax. As old emotions are surrendered we naturally feel more joyful and ‘light’.

  • Nurturing YOU time – translates to: take some time for YOU. Allow yourself to receive this gift of time spent with yourself, for yourself. Stop in for any of our Gentle/Restorative classes, which start with some gentle movements to open the energy pathways, to lubricate the joints and get in touch with the breath, followed by the Restorative poses. Props are used to support the body fully in gentle yoga positions, facilitating your ability to fully relax and unwind.

A few of the many Benefits include:

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