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Well Being

How would you describe your well-being? Are you mindful? 🤔

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Harvard Psychologist & Neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson investigate the brains 🧠 & emotions of individuals practicing mindfulness and meditation…

Participants in their studies experienced more kindness and compassion in life, and felt less stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, and anger among many other perks ✨

In order to develop both emotional and physical resilience, one MUST expand upon their commitment to personal well-being 💪🏻 😊

Gilbert Yoga School Teaches many methods of increasing *well-being, *vital life-force energy, or *prana.

We do this to experience more moments of feeling good and connected to Love!💗


We use Asana to unblock energy channels in the gross and subtle energy bodies⚡️

We use Pranayama to move prana through the body and initiate change & transformation⚡️

We use Yoga Nidra to teach focus, surrender, and relax😌

We use Visualization and the imagination to produce “images in action”, a great alternative to asana 👁

Well-Being is a skill to be expanded upon throughout life!

Just as a person can pick-up exercising or playing a musical instrument... Habits of well-being are extremely powerful when employed both on the individual level, and even more potent when engaged on a large scale.

Please, come practice with us at the studio 🙏

🌈Develop Resilience

🌈Improve your outlook on Life

🌈Tap your Intuition

🌈Increase Self-Awareness

🌈Learn to Focus

🌈Experience less suffering

🌈Increase your capacity to Love!

📸Jen Berg, one of our beloved instructors!

Maybe you’re just beginning; if so - Jen teaches Beginner Yoga Weds at 1030a! also offers:

30 Min Meditation Mon at 12p

Gentle Yoga w/Yoga Nidra Meditation Thurs at 7p

Beginner Yoga at 1030a and Yoga Nidra at 430p on Sun

Looking for more?

GY 200hr YTT begins July 30

GY Advanced 300hr YTT begins Module 3 Aug 6

GY Prenatal YTT and Doula Cert begins Sept 10

Learn More Here!

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