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The Mechanics of Yoga with Ted Brown, NASM CPT, CES

THE MECHANICS OF YOGA Upgrading One's Mental and Physical Practice

Join our transformative two-day workshop, designed specially by Ted Brown, to demystify and modernize the ancient practices of yoga and meditation.

August 24 and 25

From 12-2pm

DAY 1: YOGA BEGINS NOW: Explore the rich historical context of yoga and the universal practice of meditation throughout human history. Uncover the science behind meditation, understanding the physiological changes it brings and its proven benefits. Learn practical techniques to effortlessly incorporate meditation into your daily life, discovering yoga in the here and now.

DAY 2: SEAT OF ONE’S PRACTICE: Modernize your physical yoga practice with insights from contemporary exercise science. Understand the fundamental laws of physiology that shape our bodies and learn how to apply this knowledge to make your yoga practice safer, more effective, and accessible. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, come refine your practice or build a solid foundation to start with!


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