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Shavayatra Meditation

Shavayatra, “Traveling through the Corpse”

A body scan technique taught in the Gilbert Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program

This technique travels through the “61 Points of Light” in the human body. This is referenced in the ayurvedic text, The Sushruta Samhita, the origin of this technique is ancient.

It has many benefits:

  • Balances energy field

  • Relaxes marma points

  • Increases mental harmony

  • Increases capacity to focus

  • Trains the mind to turn inward

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Increases sensitivity to internal states

How to conduct a Shavayatra body scan:

Relax the body, observe the natural rhythm of your breath.

Sense your body as it breathes, as you are being breathed.

Now focus on the point between the eyebrows. Breathe there. Imagine a pinprick of light here. Allow the light to travel as your awareness journeys through the relaxing body...

Hollow of the Throat Center.

Right shoulder.

Right elbow joint.

Wrist joint.

Tip of all fingers on the right hand

The right wrist joint

Right Elbow joint

Right Shoulder joint

Hollow of Throat center

Left shoulder joint

Left Elbow joint

Left Wrist joint

Tips of all five fingers on the Left hand

Left Wrist joint

Left Elbow joint

Left Shoulder joint

Heart’s Center, Center of the Chest

Travel down to the heart center, more of the chest. Breathe into this kind of light energy there.

Right side of the chest

Heart’s Center, Center of the Chest

Left side of the chest

Heart’s Center, Center of the Chest

Travel from the heart to the naval center

Pelvic center

Right hip joint

Right Knee joint

Right Ankle joint

Right big toe

Right Second toe

Right Middletoe

Right Fourth toe

Right Pinky toe

Right Ankle joint

Right Knee joint

Right Hip joint

Pelvic center

Left hip joint

Left knee joint

Left ankle joint

Left big toe, second toe, Middle toe, third toe, fourth toe, pinky toe

Left Ankle joint

Left Knee joint

Left hip joint

Pelvic center

Naval center

Heart center

Throat center

Eye Center, Space between the Brows

Now sense your body in space as these points of light

The breath, carrying prana -divine light- upon it

The body breathes, is breathed

You are a field of awareness, occupying the whole space

The space within this body

And all of the space outside of the body.

Divine Light. All Love.

Begin to breathe more deeply as you bring life and movement back into your body.

*Shavayatra technique sourced from the Gilbert Yoga AYTT Manual. All rights reserved.

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