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Mindfulness and Meditation

The Average american adult spends 47% of their waking life not paying attention to what they're doing😳!

We’re all distracted by phones, attempting to “multi-task”, etc. 🤯🤪

Our ability to focus on specific thoughts, feelings, and sensations with our midd is often lost when we get distracted by emotions & external stimuli.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Dhyan’ is often used as synonymous to ‘meditation’ which asks us to remain aware of whatever we think, contemplate, devise, and ponder.

Dhyana essence is the equanimous awareness of meditation.

French author and Tibetan monk Dr. Matthieu Ricard, says the word ‘meditation’ comes from Tibetan and means “familiarization”. The process of becoming familiar with your mind.

“If you want to understand your mind, simply sit down and observe it.” -Joseph Goldstein

Mindfulness is a state of mind one arrives at through mindfulness practices. Translated from Sanskrit it means “remembering”, “awareness”, or “knowing”. It is both remembering the object of our practice (like the breath), and knowing what’s happening in our mind. It is a non-judgemental awareness of the present moment.

Meditation improves the function of the Prefrontal Cortex which controls attention, behavior, choices and our capacity to focus 🧠

Increase your attention by focusing on 1 object *a Drishti.

Specifically, try focusing on your breath or try a body scan 👁

A Blog post on on how to conduct Shavayatra, “Traveling through the Corpse” a body scan technique taught in GY Advanced YTT Programs is posted online at ⚡️ 🍄

These tools will give you power to:

Choose your thoughts

Complete your Tasks

Feel Good! ✨

Shift out of boredom, fear, and feelings of overwhelm and into centeredness🙏

Practice Meditation with us on Wednesdays

30 min at 12p w

Energy Conscious Meditation w @brennanlagman at 730p


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