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heART Project

heART Project: Yoga + Art Workshops

First Saturdays March - June

2:00 - 4:30 pm

$55 each (all supplies are included)

Get 25% off when you sign up for all 4 workshops!

Join Janine and Taryn as they guide you through gentle yoga practices to ease the body, calm the mind, and open the heart. We will quiet our inner critics and stretch toward joy aided by oodles of art supplies!

Come with us to explore the beauty that lies within our hearts and to play.

“The body is the vessel of the soul.”

-Janine Rose

We will tap into our heart and sacral chakras to free our creativity. Then we will use paints and markers and stencils and stamps to illuminate the beauty that lies within each of us.

You will go home with a joy-filled piece of art as a reminder of the colorful soul that is held within your vessel.

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

We will use our third-eye chakra to reach for the deep wisdom that lies within each of us. Using found imagery and collage, we will create oracle cards to help us tap into our intuition.

You will go home with three oracle cards that you can use for meditation, internal exploration, or affirmation.

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”

-Viktor E. Frankl

We will work with our heart and third-eye chakras to ease us into this meaning-filled workshop. By constructing a small, three-dimensional, mixed-media “shrine,” we will memorialize a loved one, celebrate a memory, or solidify an affirmation or goal.

You are welcome to bring photos, charms, or small mementos that you would like to use in your personal shrine. Please do not use one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable items that could get damaged or lost.

You will go home with a small shrine box.

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.”

-Carl Sandburg

We will energize our heart and crown chakras to envision a near future where our dreams are

reality. Using found images, stickers, glue, and laughter, we will construct personal boards to

remind us of where we are headed. You will go home with a dream board.


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