Acknowledge Emotions
Radical Self Acceptance
Unconditional Love
Transcend Negative Energy
Revitalize , Restore, & Rejuvenate Cells, Muscle Tissue
Release Trapped Emotions
Learn Sacred Seed Sounds, Yoga, & Meditation
Find your Bliss

This workshop will help you to gain sacred knowledge on how to Befriend your Emotions and understand your triggers.  You will find the power to move out of a pleasure driven state of being, and connect with your inner pain and darkness, bringing it to the light for healing and release.

In 3 hours, we will flow, dance, sing, meditate, use sound healing and group process; while learning new tools and ways in which shadow characteristics can be transmitted into Light. You will gain insight for your capacity to unconditionally love yourself, and Re-establish acceptance of yourself and your life exactly as it is.

Ash “RYSYN” Phoenix  is a 200hr yoga certified teacher and healer who graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She is a student at Naropa University, studying for a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  Her sharing is founded on the principles of unconditional love and acceptance, as she strives to instill the same core teachings into her students through asana, pranayama, Bhakti yoga, and different holistic healing modalities.  “The principle ingredient of life is L O V E.”   Ashley’s path of medicine is to guide others while they unlock the vault of fear and move into their heart space; letting go of fear and allowing personal truth to shine through.  It is her highest honor to guide her students during their personal practice and to be fully supportive in the process.

Bryan Anthony Phoenix is a musician, sound healing practitioner and vocal empowerment coach whose path has allowed him to study several ancient and modern medicinal sound practices. He studied music at Humboldt State University, studied in Switzerland with the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement, and is experienced with ancient shamanic practices of sound healing. He hosts regular sound meditations and has a private practice of sound healing and vocal empowerment coaching. You can learn more about his offerings at"

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Mantra Meditation & Positive Psychology: Emotional Transcendence

Saturday August 31st  2:00-5:00PM


  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga

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