Midlife Awakening Series

Led by

Connie Stultz

A 10-week holistic health program to beat the midlife blahs, transform your health in mind, body and spirit, and love your life (again)!

Runs mid-September through mid-November 2017

Are you ready to take back your life? Enroll in this program to…
– Feel happier, calmer and more grounded
– Have abundant energy and enjoy better sleep
– Feel healthier, stronger, confident and more beautiful
– Feel excited about your life, the future and all its possibilities

This program will take you on a deep dive into practices and philosophy from yoga and Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of health and healing. Not only can you improve your physical health dramatically, you can also gain control over the “monkey mind”, experience more joy and peace in your life, and get to know yourself more intimately, connect more deeply with your own truth, and live out the full potential of your life, whatever that means to you.

For more information about the program’s content, structure, dates and prices, contact Connie at connie.stultz@gmail.com or text/call: 480-440-0250. A conversation with Connie is required prior to enrollment to ensure the program is a good match for you and your intentions.

  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga

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