Anahata Mala

Making Workshop
with Jessica Potter

Saturday September 21,  1:00 - 4:00 PM.

$75, All materials included -
Choose from Rose Quartz, White Jade or Green Aventurine

Create your own beautiful gemstone mala that encourages love, joy and compassion.
In this workshop we’ll explore the metaphysical qualities of the heart chakra and associated gemstones, move through a heart opening meditation, and then hand-knot our own genuine gemstone mala meant to connect you to the heart space. A mala is a string of prayer beads used in Japa meditation with the recitation of mantras, affirmations, or intentions meant to enhance presence and connection.
This workshop is perfect for those who have previously attended one or for those brand new to mala making! Everyone is welcome!
Come spend your weekend sharing in loving creativity!

Deadline to Register: Wednesday, September 18th.
Contact Jessica Potter at 602-476-4547 or
Please indicate gemstone choice when
registering: Rose Quartz, White Jade or Green Aventurine.


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