PLEASE NOTE: Starting Saturday March 21st we will offer a daily 3pm Mixed Level Yoga class outdoors in a park very close to the studio.
These will be $10/cash only classes. Click here for map.

1. We are open Sunday March 22nd, with a modified schedule.

7:30AM - all level with cassandra

5pm gentle/yin with cassandra
2. We do ask that students bring their own yoga mat and
a beach towel/blanket to use as a prop.


AS of Monday March 23rd, we will go to online classes (watch any time) and outdoor classes only, and with a very modified schedule.

Watch here for the new schedule to be posted - - 
each day we will post the next days schedule.


9:30-11:10a  - Gentle Restorative Yoga - Cassandra

10:00-11:10a - All Level Yoga - Kristen H  

4:30-5:40p  - All Level Yoga - Connie    

6:00-7:10p - Prenatal Yoga - Tina-Marie
6:00-7:10p - Yin Yoga & Reiki Healing - Carah  NEW!

7:30-8:40p - Gentle Candlelight Yoga - Ayla


7:30-8:40a - All Level Yoga - Susy     

9:00-10:10a  - All Level Yoga - Kristen H

9:00 -10:10a - Yin Yoga (passive deep stretch) - Tina-Marie  

10:30-11:45a - Chair Yoga / Seniors Yoga -  Kay  
10:30-11:40a - All Level Yoga -  Cassandra

12:30-1:30p - Beginner Yoga - Gladys (English & Español) 

4:30-5:40p - Gentle Yoga & Nidra (Guided meditation) - Deb

4:30-5:30p - Chakra Yoga (all level) - Kristen B

6:00-7:10p - All Level Yoga - Lisa

7:30-8:40p - Candlelight Yoga - Stacey

6:00-9:00p - Yoga Teacher Training w/ Cassandra **Spring session starts Jan. 11th - Register Now!**

9:00-10:10a - Chakra Yoga for Beginners - Kristen B

9:00-10:15a - All Level Yoga - Cassandra

10:30-11:45a - Bhakti Yoga- Chanting/Singing Mantra - Vidu & Cassandra
10:30-11:40a - Chakra Yoga (all level) - Kristen B

4:30-5:30p - Beginner Yoga - Angela L NEW! Cancelled March 18th (ck FB page for a video clas

6:00-7:10p - All Level Yoga - Taylor

6:00-7:10p - Gentle/Restorative/Yin Yoga - Ruthie

7:30-8:40pAll Level Yoga - Amber Jaworski
7:30-8:40p - Meditation & Conscious Conversation - Susy  ! This class is shifting to a 6 wk series, starting Feb 12th - click here for details


7:30-8:40a - All Level Yoga - Susy   

8:00-9:15a - All Level Yoga (w/ Crystal Bowls) - Ingrid  Cancelled until further notice
9:30-11:10a -
Gentle Restorative Yoga - Cassandra

9:30-10:30a - Beginner Yoga - Lizzy  Cancelled for March 19th (ck our FB page for a video class)
4:30-5:40p -  All Level Yoga - Kay

6:00-7:10p - All Level Yoga - Dharma

7:30-8:40p - Prenatal Yoga - Jen  Cancelled for March 19th (ck our FB page for a video class)

6:00-9:00p - Yoga Teacher Training w/ Cassandra 

7:30-8:30a - Warm All Level Yoga - Taylor   

9:30-10:50a - All Level Yoga - Cassandra  

10:30-11:40a - Chair Yoga / Seniors Yoga - Kay  

4:30-5:40p - Beginner YogaJeanette

6:00-7:00p - All Level Yoga - Heather

6:00-7:00p - Kids/Family Yoga Fridays  ($8/participant) - Jen   Cancelled for March 20th


7:30-8:30a Warm All Level Yoga - Brooke 
7:30-8:40a - All Level Yoga - Kristen H

9:00-10:10a - Prenatal Yoga - Lanita

9:00-10:10a - Beginner Yoga - Renee 
10:30-11:45a - All Level Yoga - Lanita  

10:30-11:45a - Gentle Restorative Yoga & Nidra (Guided Meditation) - Kay

12:00-6:00p - Yoga Teacher Trainings (200-hr)

4:30-5:40p - All Level Yoga - Christine H          


7:30-8:40a All Level Yoga - Jen

8:15-8:45a - Japa Meditation (by donation) - Tina-Marie

9:00-10:10a - Yoga for EveryBODY - Dharma

9:00-10:10a - All Level Yoga - Tina-Marie

10:30-11:40a - All Level Yoga - Taylor    March 22: This will be an online class only - click here

10:30-4:30p - Yoga Teacher Trainings (200hr)

4:00-5:30p - Gentle Restorative Yoga & Nidra (Guided Meditation) - Connie

6:00-7:15p - Slow Flow w Nidra (Guided Meditation)Jen

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  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
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