Chakra Energy Anatomy
with Angela (Dharma)

3 Workshops,
Attend 1, 2, or all 3:
3 Sundays: 1:00-3:30PM
June 27, July 29, Aug 26

                                Chakra Energy Anatomy: The Chakras Series with Angela (Dharma) Fears


Apply the energetic anatomy of the chakras to your yoga asana and meditation practice. Learn the physical and emotional aspects of the chakras as reflected in the body. Join a small group as we explore the form and function of the chakras.  Cleanse, energize and experience the chakras with meditative moods, yummy food samples, and practical yoga routines.

Cost: Single Session - Early bird price, $60 ,75$ after Jun 15.  !! 3 Sessions Early Bird - 175$  !!

pre-registration/pre-payment required.

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Chakra Energetic Anatomy Class 1: Ayurveda & You
Sunday 1:00-3:30PM, June 27

Discover how to apply Ayurveda to your own yoga and wellness routine. Learn how the chakras connect our physical and emotional environment. Complete an Ayurvedic assessment, and use this information to develop or adjust your wellness plan. Experience Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, mantra and astrology as the basis of Yoga philosophy.


Chakra Energetic Anatomy Class 2: Expression & Will

Sunday 1:00-3:30PM, July 29

We will use mantras and meditations to activate our centers of expression and will power: our throat chakra and will center chakra. Explore the myths of Ganesha and Ram to enliven these active centers. Shakti meditation and mantra practices will provide methods to restore these centers and experience its pathways. Discover herbs and spices to support your metabolism and digestion.


Chakra Energetic Anatomy Class 3: Heart and Soul

Sunday 1:00-3:30PM,  Aug 26

Let’s detail the heart chakra and anatomy of the soul. We will review stress and the heart, using this information we will be able to change our living routines. We will use emotional equations and powerful yoga meditations to align our hearts space. As food is close to our heart, we will review foods for Ayurvedic dosha balance, and herbs which assist us in adapting to stress.

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