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      Talks, Meditations, & Half-day Retreats

with special guest Kelsang Tabkay,
American Buddhist Monk from Phoenix

November 23:
Beginner’s Half-day Meditation Retreat - Stress Free Living

1pm - 3:30pm  $20 Donation at the Door


These days, many people suffer from anxiety and stress at some time or other. In this mini retreat , Buddhist monk Kelsang Tabkay will explain how anxiety and stress have their roots in our state of mind and will show how we can reduce and eventually overcome these conditions by working on our mind with a combination of meditation and positive thinking. He will give practical advice on dealing with anxiety and stress in daily life and guide a meditation anyone can practice at home.


Suitable for beginners and also for those wanting to refresh their meditation practice, this meditation mini retreat is a great way to learn basic meditation techniques and to improve and deepen our experience of meditation. It is highly recommended to attend all sessions to receive the most benefit. Everyone is welcome.


Retreat Schedule

Session 1: 1pm – 1:45pm: The secret of stress free living

Session 2: 2pm – 2:30pm: Finding inner space


Session 3: 2:45pm – 3:30pm: Opening the Heart


About the Teacher:

Kelsang Tabkay is an American Buddhist monk and the primary teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix. He has been a student of contemporary Buddhist master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for thirteen years, having engaged in meditation retreats and taught throughout the United States. Tabkay presents meditation in an accessible and clear way, dedicating himself to bringing peace into the hearts of others. 


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