Calm Mind Peaceful Heart -
Yoga to Relieve
Anxiety & Chronic Stress

with Connie Stultz & Janis Phelps

New date TBD
Cost: $50

Do you suffer with anxiety or chronic stress? You are not alone! Research now shows that chronic stress is a national epidemic for all genders and ages.

Fortunately, Yoga and Ayurveda (the traditional Indian system of health and healing) offer simple, time-tested methods that can help manage and minimize these joy-draining symptoms.

In this workshop, you’ll learn practices that target anxiety and chronic stress: gentle yoga postures, meditation and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep-based meditation), mantras, chanting,
breathing exercises; and a few simple psychotherapy tools and resources for reducing toxic stress.

You’ll leave with a “toolbox" to take home and use in your daily life to nurture and support a calm mind and peaceful heart.

No experience required--only the ability to get down to and up from the floor.
All props will be provided.

Pre-registration and prepayment required. Pay $50 to Connie Stultz via
Venmo, Zelle, cash or check.
For more information, contact Connie at or 480-440-0250.

  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga
  • Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert, AZ Best yoga

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