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Yoga Together 30-day Challenge


Who is in the lead?

  1. Sign Up: Register for the challenge at our studio or on our website.

  2. Track Your Progress: We'll keep track of your classes, workshops, and referrals.

  3. Engage and Share: Participate in our social media challenges and share your journey.

Support a Noble Cause:

For every class you attend, we donate $1 to the Sustenance Research Institute. Plus, we'll match the total donation amount!

Earn Points:

Attend classes and earn up to 40 points weekly. Weekend classes and bringing new friends offer bonus points!


Weekly Social Media Challenges:

Engage with us on social media using #YogaTogetherChallenge and #GYGivesBack for extra points and fun!


Tiered Rewards

Bronze Tier

(120 points)

Earns a FREE Yoga Mat and T-shirt


Silver Tier

(240 points)

Earns a month of free unlimited yoga classes and T-shirt


Gold Tier

(360 points)

Earns Three months of free unlimited yoga classes and a T-shirt


What Clients Say

"Each class at Gilbert Yoga is an amazing experience. It doesn't matter which class I take or which instructor leads. I know the class will do whatever I need, whether it's relaxation or a workout. I can't say enough great things about Gilbert Yoga. Thank you for all you do!"


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