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July /August Workshops:

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Intensive in July!

 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training coming to Gilbert Yoga soon!

CosmoEnergy Healing w/ Yulia Abreu  –  THIS WAS AMAZING!  ADDING ANOTHER: July 17th, Thurs 6pm-8pm
Sunday, June 29th, 1:00 pm to 3:oo pm
Cost: $25  (the best $25 you’ll ever spend on yourself!)
Cosmic Energy healing, known as “Cosmoenergy,“ is a healing method that is used for spiritual and physical healing of a person and his/her self-development. It uses the cosmic energy fields of different frequencies and characteristics that exist in the Universe. These fields are made up of constant energy levels, pure and invisible to human eye, originating as a form of energy information. In December of 2009, the method of Cosmoenergy as taught by the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation was recognized by the World Health Organization of the United Nations. Using the terminology of the Eastern medicine, the healing of a person with the method of Cosmoenergy happens in the following way: During the cosmic energy healing session, the Cosmoenergy healer “opens” and transmits the cosmic energy channels to the subtle body of a person (the non-physical body which overlays the physical body) while harmonizing and balancing the person’s chakras (the energy centers along the central meridian of the body which balance, store and distribute the energies of life through the physical body) and removing the blockages and negative energy that has accumulated in the person’s body. The channeled cosmic energies wash over and penetrate the physical and subtle bodies and consciousnesses of the person working towards gradual dissolvement of negative energy. Cosmoenergy fields are boundless and inexhaustible and possess cleansing, medicinal and protective properties. They are harmless and do not cause any damage. Cosmoenergy itself does not attempt to deny or replace traditional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other forms of treatment, it only supplements and expands them while proving in practice that the combination of ancient wisdom with the achievements of our modern science results not in contradiction but in an efficient and amazingly effective method of healing.

Intro to Yoga Series, with Connie Stultz
Mondays at 7:30-9:30 pm on on the following days: August 4, 11, 18, 25 and Sept. 8. (skipping Sept. 1 which is Labor Day)
Cost: $100 – for five 2-hr sessions. (cash only)
This course is for newcomers to yoga or beginners who want a better understanding of yoga basics. People of all ages and physical abilities are welcome. No experience necessary!
In each session we will:

  • do a gentle, complete yoga practice in a supportive environment
  • spend extra time on the key yoga poses, making modifications for your unique body if needed
  • learn about yoga philosophy and how to apply yoga in our daily lives for better health and well-being— Please sign-up and pay in advance at Gilbert Yoga or contact the instructor, Connie Stultz, at 

Summer Retreat! Indian Cooking Instruction, Yoga/Meditation! w/ Cassandra Wallick and Sheetal Sohoni
Friday evening July 11th through Sunday afternoon July 13th.
Moved to another date — watch for details… Let us know if you are interested in this FUN and YUMMY retreat!
Cost: $289/person, double to quad occupancy.
Includes lodging, all yoga/meditation activities, nature/creek walks, instruction and participation in Indian cooking, trip to Indian grocery.
Register asap to hold your space;
Deposit of $100 holds your space.
Join us for this mountain retreat in Pine AZ at the Retreat Center for Truth. Learn how to cook delicious and healthful (mostly organic) Indian meals! Three main dishes will be created, along with multiple side dishes, all Sattvic and nutritious! Includes a trip to the Indian grocery so you can purchase the appropriate spices to have handy at home for your future cooking creations!

Contact: Cassandra Wallick 48zero-225-1881
(The Retreat Center for Truth is now available for rent for your own retreats/gatherings too)


Additional Offerings!

Spiritual Healing & Reiki Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour, by donation (suggested $30 – $80)

SourceLight Healing and Reiki sessions promote healing at a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.
As the subtle/energy body is freed,“life force energy” openly flows, awakening your potential to heal.

Contact Cassandra, Lanita or Mika for your appointment.

Cassandra – (480) 225-1881, Lanita – (520) 873-7307 , Mika – (480) 694-5843

Sessions held at: Gilbert Yoga 6 E Palo Verde St. #13 Gilbert, AZ 85296

To Pre-register for any workshops or events, please drop by the studio or contact us at: or 520-873-7307

Private Yoga Sessions

Catered to your individual needs, after 3 private sessions you will be given a custom ‘routine’ for you to use as a daily home practice if you choose.

  • One 1hr-Session: $75
  • Two 1hr-Sessions: $130
  • Three 1hr Sessions: $195  (includes a take-home practice write-up)

Contact Cassandra to book your sessions: 48zero-225-1881